Recruitment & Training

Recruitment Services


MultiPart is your one-stop solution to all your recruitment problems and relieves you of all the stress you have to go through with advertising a vacancy, sorting thousands of application letters, short listing, forming an interview panel and organizing interviews.


As professional recruiters, we have a deep network of job seekers within a wide range of qualifications and experience who have been registered on our job seekers’ database called “The MultiPart Recruiter”.  MultiPart continually mines this database of jobseekers to assist you select the right person to fill your vacancy.


Working with MultiPart gives you an advantage over other companies and industries who rely solely on a pool of application letters that have been received over the years.


With our recruitment services, MultiPart develops long-term relationships with its clients based on integrity, confidentiality and a thorough knowledge of their requirements.  We have adopted tenets that fully respect the confidence our clients place in us.



Our recruitment services offer three major placement categories:


Temporary Placement: This category takes care of your short term placement needs.  It may be either for a short term project or for relieving duties for a staff member going on vacation.


Permanent Placement: With this category, the client is furnished with a shortlist of candidates according to the clients’ selection criteria provided. Following a selection interview, the successful candidate is permanently employed to join the client’s workforce. 


Outsourced Placement: This category takes care of the special needs of our clients.  It is aimed at relieving our clients of routine human resource management issues such as recruitment, payroll administration, social security and PAYE administration etc. and allows them to focus on more pertinent policy matters.  Although the staff placed may be permanent staff of the client, we shall have the responsibility of their management and therefore they remain on MultiPart’s payroll. 


Training Programs


MultiPart Consulting’s workshops and seminars are presented in an insightful, fast-paced, fun formatted manner and remain comprehensive enough to maximize learning. They also involve problem-solving activities and in-depth conversations.  Participants are integrally involved with the activities, exercises, group discussions and materials that bring the information to life.


MultiPart employs knowledgeable, professional presenters who blend their academic training in adult-learning principles with their real-world experience to make each workshop a productive and effective session. Each trainer posses hundreds of hours of actual experience in delivering clear, concise, exciting workshops. You can count on reliable information from seasoned professionals that have a practical experience in their area of expertise including Training Program Design, Training Instruction and Training Evaluation.


Other Human Resource & Performance Management Services


A core ingredient to stellar business performance is people - your employees.   Our solutions align people and action to maximize business performance. With continuous changes in the workforce, which may involve right sizing, out-sourcing, skills and knowledge erosion etc, it is essential that for an organization to gain competitive edge, it finds and retains a talented management team and workforce.  Management must ensure a continuous sharpening of knowledge, proficiencies, and competencies.  It must also maintain alignment between strategic goals, performance metrics, and workforce compensation.


MultiPart’s consultants provide a full scope of solutions centered on Human Performance Management, including:

  • Job Description and Job Specification Design
  • Performance Appraisal Systems
  • Compensation, Reward, and Pay for Performance Systems
  • Career and Succession Planning
  • Human Resource Manual Development
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