Our Experience

i. Management of Donor Funded Training Programs in Ghana


A consultant from MultiPart was part of a team that trained management and staff of micro-credit NGOs in Ghana on delinquency management and interest rate setting; microfinance accounting; financial analysis; operational risk management; project costing and pricing; and internal controls and audits.



ii. Government of Ghana Poverty Alleviation Program


A team including a consultant from MultiPart facilitated a training of trainers’ workshop on Group Development and Micro Enterprise Management for selected NGOs and Officers of District Assemblies in the Upper West Region of Ghana.



iii. Government of Ghana Redundancy & Retraining Program


A consultant affiliated with MultiPart successfully managed the test phase of the Government of Ghana’s redundancy and retraining program involving over 250 civil/public sector staff. The assignment also included the management of USD600,000 fund provided by the World Bank for the project.



iv. NGO Project Development in Northern Ghana


MultiPart’s consultants were part of a team that provided direct technical assistance to a NGO in Northern Ghana for the development of a project paper for financing for their Micro credit scheme funded by Africa Development Fund/Washington. The project assisted the NGO in reaching 2140 poor women in the Northern Region of Ghana to assist in the poverty alleviation agenda.



v. Transformation of NGO into a Financial Institution


Following the growing demand for its services, a reputable NGO in Ghana embarked on a transformation exercise from an NGO to a Savings & Loans Company to enable it raise additional funds for its operations. MultiPart’s consultants were part of the team of consultants that assisted the NGO to conduct a nationwide market research and subsequently prepared a business plan that guided the smooth transformation process and also met the requirements of the Central Bank of Ghana for securing the non-banking financial institution license. The team worked closely with management and staff of the NGO through workshops, interactive sessions and field trips.


This transformation process was the first of its kind in the history of the financial sector of Ghana.



vi. Operational Review of a Micro credit Project in Ghana


MultiPart’s consultants were part of a team engaged to conduct a detailed operational review which was aimed among other things to be used as a working document for the restructuring of the program in Kumasi, Ghana.


The MultiPart Team’s effort were directed towards appraising areas such as the legal structure, ownership/board of directors, leadership, human resource management, organizational structure, MIS, internal controls, audits & supervision, services, clientele, market, mission/objectives, and financial performance – profitability, efficiency, loan portfolio analysis, liquidity management, interest rate analysis, liability and cost of funds analysis as well as capital management.



vii. Business Plan for an Educational Institution in Ghana


MultiPart’s consultants were part of a team commissioned by board of directors of the International School to prepare a business plan for the school. The school, which runs both American and British curricular, embarked on the project to expand its institution to accommodate more students and promote effective teaching and learning. As part of the assignment, a market survey was conducted in the Kumasi metropolis which became a valuable input for the development of the final business plan.



viii. Business Valuation Project for an IT firm in Ghana


The management of the IT Company contracted a team including MultiPart’s consultants to prepare various documents which intended to assist it negotiate and sell the company to prospective investors. As part of the assignment, the team reviewed and updated company’s business plan to suit the current trends and situation. The team also valued the company to determine the price per share of the firm and went on to develop a selling memorandum for prospective investors’ consumption. These documents enabled the prospective investors assess the viability of the business, leading to informed investment decision making.



ix. Performance Review of a Financial Institution in Ghana


The institution has been providing financial services to a large number of groups under its Distance Banking Scheme with assistance from its development partners. MultiPart’s consultants were part of the team that undertook a performance review of the Distance Banking Scheme after two years of implementation.


This evaluation assisted the funding partners ascertain the health of their funds and make an informed decision on the continuation or otherwise of their engagement in the project.



x. Recruitment & Selection Project for an IT firm in Ghana


MultiPart’s consultant was part of a team that designed job description, job specification, recruited, conducted interviews and selected staff for the U.S firm’s new office in Kumasi, Ghana. The team also conducted new manager’s training for the management of the firm.

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