Lessons from South to West Africa

My recent journey to South Africa initially felt like an ordinary trip from Ghana to another African country for a short training program just before Christmas.

My focus was to go, concentrate on my training and return to implement these new initiatives to my work to better serve my customers.

My expectations were surmounted the very first day I touched down at the Oliver Tambo Airport in Johannesburg and the next few days I spent in Johannesburg further came to me as a new realization and a new insight into business growth initiatives for small business to growth in West Africa as well.

These initiatives include the following:

1.    Most businesses in Johannesburg have attracted patrons through the vehicle of good content websites and this can be replicated in West Africa. The need for a website therefore transcends all types of business no matter the size. This will place businesses in West Africa on the world market and if the site has rich content, you can be assured of business boom faster than can be expected.


2.    Also, it was discovered that, opportunities for holding agencies for other companies even within the same country has been widely employed in South Africa. This initiative offers another idea for West African small businesses to explore internally and even look outside the region. During the trip, this idea became more prominent as many established firms in South Africa would definitely require agents and outlets in other parts of Africa and Ghana would be a good destination for these firms due to our country’s relatively stable political environment.



3.    My stay also brought me to trading opportunities in beverages, clothing and various tropical fruits for small businesses in other parts of Africa and Europe. This particular idea suits small businesses due to the opportunity to order less than container loads of these products at moderate rates.

It is my conviction that, these lessons picked up can offer any small business in West Africa some good opportunities for growth and expansion.

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