Business Development Consulting Services

Business Planning
MultiPart assists companies in the translation of their strategic vision into a set of operational plans based on detailed market and institutional analysis, financial projections, and profitability analysis leading to the creation of a comprehensive business plan.  Also, MultiPart has the capability of offering assistance for the successful implementation of the business plan. 
Feasibility Studies/Start-Up Operations
MultiPart helps organizations build highly private and venture backed innovative companies. The company also leverages the organizational advantages of nimble, young, decentralized, entrepreneurial early stage organizations.

This is achieved by conducting a study into the business idea of our clients to ascertain the viability of the proposed venture. It is assured that, the study adequately advices the entrepreneur about the expected returns to be derived from the venture and ultimately assist them make a decisive investment decision.

Market Study/Research
To complement our clients’ effort at finding a common benchmark for comparison and to help identify and meet the specific needs of their clients, MultiPart assists companies conduct in-depth research into their operations, the industry in which they operate and even the new areas yet to be ventured.
This study assist our clients to better strategize at every stage of their product/service life cycle.
Organizational Appraisal/Operational Reviews
Based on increased demand and quest for growth, firms require an assessment of their performance and general operations.
MultiPart’s consultants collaborate with client’s management to review their operations and recommend best practices that will ensure the needed growth and competitive advantage at all times.
Financial Advisory Services
MultiPart provides its clients with financial advisory services that ensure comprehensive periodic operational financial analysis aimed at assisting management make informed operational and financial decisions.
Marketing Management
MultiPart also assists its clients develop integrated marketing strategies and marketing plans that reflect the new business paradigms and digital age.
Our consultants also have the expertise to adopt company’s marketing departments on an outsourcing contract and implements from high impact results oriented go-to-market strategies to collateral development and hence ensure competitive and growth for the client’s business.

Business Development Strategy
Strategic business development provides integration between branding, advertising, distribution, sales, technical services, and customer relationship management.

Our business development strategies help our clients organically grow. We support the process of getting products into the hands of customers, build mind share and market share, build customer relationships, and loyalty.

By bringing together customer needs, market opportunities and company capability, we develop and implement strategies to gain and sustain the advantage over the competition.  These strategies include:

  • Marketing Strategies
  • New Product and Service Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Strategies

External Customer Survey
The definition of ‘quality’ begins with customer expectations and ends with customer satisfaction. Therefore, any quality program must pay particular attention to its customers’ perception of how well it is doing in terms of its customer focus.

At MultiPart, the External Customer Survey is a diagnostic assessment which involves wide-range and open-ended interviews with our clients’ selected customers. In all cases, the customers to be interviewed are selected in consultation with management of the firm.

MultiPart designs this survey to result in measuring not just ‘how satisfied’ customers are, but also identifying specific examples of ‘why’ customers may be dissatisfied with specific aspects of the organization.

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