About Us

MultiPart Consulting is a reputable management consulting firm located in the Kumasi Metropolis of the Ashanti Region of Ghana.  MultiPart Consulting has a vision to be a consulting firm specializing in the delivery of all forms of business development services to small and medium enterprises in Ghana. 


The firm was formed based on the premise that, business advisory services available to help small and medium enterprises in the country are woefully inadequate. Also, the few available are not affordable to the small and medium enterprises especially those in the northern sector of Ghana. 


The primary objective of MultiPart Consulting therefore, is to deliver comprehensive and professional management consulting services to small and medium enterprises in Ghana, particularly the Ashanti region and in general the northern part of Ghana.


MultiPart Consulting therefore constitutes a group of professionals committed and dedicated to providing management solutions to small and medium enterprises, hence contributing to the development of the small and medium enterprise sector of the Ghanaian economy.


Our ultimate policy is that, we accept only those assignments that we believe we can complete successfully.  For our client companies, this means that, we commit ourselves to analyzing your company's requirements before accepting an assignment. Once an assignment has been accepted, we provide regular progress reports that respect the time limits established by the client.




MultiPart Consulting’s mission is to develop quality human resource that provides professional business development services to SMEs in Ghana.



Our Focus


MultiPart Consulting assists its clients to concentrate on their initial visions and missions and strive at all times to achieve the organizational goals and maximize shareholders’ wealth through complementing of clients’ managerial skills and competencies. We enhance clients’ management decision making through business process improvements, business systems optimization, project management and many other business development services.



How we work with Clients


We systematically implement agreed upon practical solutions using the right combination of functional experience, process design, and systems applications expertise. Our flexibility allows us to enter client projects at any stage and deliver client-customized solutions.



Our People


Our people typically have worked in various management and operational roles for many years in many blue chip companies. We have both full time and part time consultants.



How we Charge


Initial discussions are free and without obligation. We generally charge daily to ensure clients have a clear understanding of a project’s progress. Fixed fees can be agreed for tightly defined projects. Above all, we always endeavor to take into consideration our clients’ ability to pay. 

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